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Cody lit a spark in our son's love for the keyboard! We appreciate his keyboarding class so much! 

We had been looking for music lessons so this ended up being perfect! My daughter loved it and I can tell you all put a lot of effort into creating practice guides for her. Her piano playing skills have improved so much.


My daughter has learned SO much and loves playing the keyboard. I am astonished at how much you have taught her and how she can read complicated music now. It was truly a wonderful experience for her to be in your class, Cody! Thank you very much! You are FANTASTIC!

My daughter thoroughly enjoyed her time learning with Mr. Cody. He did a great job. And I very much enjoyed hearing her play at the recital. Being 5 years old and her first instructional music class, I was impressed at what Mr. Cody was able to help her learn in such a short time. 

Our whole family really enjoyed having her in the keyboarding class, it was great! we will definitely continue. She is still playing her keyboard often, and loves it! I will also be recommending Cody to other moms.

It was nice meeting you at the recital. I want to thank you for being such a good instructor for my son. You made him to feel confident enough to come to stage and perform. I'm also impressed by your social skills with parents and kids. Not many of young generations have that :)
Thank you.

Private Lesson Testimonials

I am super thankful for the energy and excitement you created in our son.  The songs he learned so swiftly under your guidance have reenergized his interest in piano.  For that, I am very grateful.  I will certainly pass the word along to other families that you have an great ability to connect with kids.


Cody, we want you to know you are amazing at what you do!! You have been a great support for for our son's performance anxiety. You are the only extracurricular activity that he has EVER been willing to continue past two tries. We will continue to think of you as his piano guy and I really do hope we are in a place to resume lessons in the fall or sometime in the future. 

We were thrilled with this testimonial from a parent of an online piano student, who is also a superintendent/principal of a school system in Florida. He gets what we are all about - instilling music appreciation in our students' lives:

We are very appreciative of how patient and professional Mr. Cody is with our son. We look forward to his continued growth and development, and continued appreciation for the arts.

We were so honored to receive this testimonial regarding our online piano lessons. It's written as past tense, but Dr. White and her granddaughter are current students.

My name is Dr. Judy D. White and I serve as the Riverside County Superintendent of Schools. I had the wonderful opportunity of receiving private piano lessons for both myself and my granddaughter during this quarantine era by Mr. Cody Myers. He is the ultimate professional who is knowledgeable, patient and inspirational. Cody knew how to adjust his approach for a senior citizen to an 11-year-old student ready for middle school. This experience has made our "Shelter in Place" filled with new learning, hope, positive reinforcement and a sense of completion. Cody is simply the best.
From a parent of an online piano student

Cody Myers has been a remarkable music teacher for our fourteen year old son. In just three months last year, Cody taught him to play the piano beautifully, including works such as Beethoven's Ode to Joy and more contemporary but marvelously complex compositions by Adele and others. He also instructed him in the use of Reason, professional music production software that essentially creates a home studio. Cody's training with the nation's foremost music academy, the Berklee College of Music, gives him skills few music teachers possess, and our son has gone on to further lessons from Cody, expanding his piano playing and musicreading abilities and also working on his composing skills. Cody is exceptional, always very friendly and professional, and with a personal drive for enjoyment and success that he instills in all his students.
                                                      Alexander Stuart

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