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Cody's Keyboard Club has changed its name to Humboldt Keyboarders

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Mr. Cody’s holistic approach fosters the development of musicianship and allows students to progress at their own pace mentally, emotionally and physically. Using modern teaching methods, students are taught to play songs of their own choice. Electric keyboards can be delivered to most areas if you don’t already have a piano. Click here for testimonials.

Our class curriculum is extremely fun and motivational. It is based on an extensive music library of kid-friendly aka intuitive music and our upbeat instructors.


How we teach

Our constantly expanding music library, filled with students' song requests from the radio, television, Disney movies, and video games, keeps our students engaged. As soon as new songs become popular, we immediately prepare easy versions tailored for our  students. We also have advanced versions for our more experienced students. It is always  a fun surprise to find out what music the students want to learn.

We have a "sky's the limit" philosophy when it comes to creativity. Students learn proper piano playing techniques and gain a basic understanding of music theory in an environment that fosters music appreciation and helps students discover and express their own musical identity.

Non-Music Benefits

An important part of our curriculum is the opportunity to practice presenting in front of an audience with confidence. In Cody's Keyboard Club, our students exercise projecting their voices and how to make a good impression in front of a group. We  focus on  strengthening children’s confidence and self-esteem.


We do our best to foster a life-time of love for music - and understanding of music comprehension that will always be an advantage to our students as they mature.

For more information about our program or to enroll, please contact us at

Music is an art . . . something we humans experience as pleasure.

We strive to ensure the music lessons are a pleasurable experience that lead to a lifetime of enjoying and appreciating music.

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