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Online Piano Lessons for Students of all Ages

We have a "sky's the limit" philosophy when it comes to creativity. Students learn proper piano playing techniques and gain a basic understanding of music theory in an environment that fosters music appreciation and helps students discover and express their own musical identity.
Students can take private lessons at home or in a classroom. In either case, an electric keyboard, headphone pack and webcam accessibility is required.
    • Private lessons are tailored to the individual student's needs and musical taste. Students choose the music they want to learn. Modern teaching methods encourage and maintain students' interest in music and desire to practice.
Music classes (group lessons) are taught in a lab with a projector or other large screen, with webcam access, and a keyboard for each student.
    • We follow a 12-week music curriculum we developed to teach the fundamentals of music and introduction to playing the piano. "Chat" or email functionality is provided to students so they can receive personalized instruction.

Mr. Cody also teaches a music production class, which includes an introduction to sound editing software for students who want to learn how to produce music from their own computers. 

Introduction to Producing Music with Reason
This online class focuses on a basic understanding of “how music works,” i.e., the elements of music that are required to be able to creatively arrange music and develop sound effects. At the end of the course, students will know how to read music, be able to record notes and apply sound effects, and will be prepared to use and continue learning how to operate a rack of virtual instruments, effects, mixers, and comprehensive sequencer using Reason software.

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Music is an art . . . something we humans experience as pleasure.

We strive to ensure the music lessons are a pleasurable experience that lead to a lifetime of enjoying and appreciating music.

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