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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Could you explain more about how online lessons will work?

A. We offer one-on-one lessons and group lessons.
  • Students can take private lessons at home or in a classroom. In either case, an electric keyboard, headphone pack and webcam accessibility is required.
    • Private lessons are tailored to the individual student's needs and musical taste. Students choose the music they want to learn. Modern teaching methods encourage and maintain students' interest in music and desire to practice.
  • Group lessons are taught in a lab with a projector or other large screen and a keyboard for each student.
    • We follow a 12-week music curriculum we developed to teach the fundamentals of music and introduction to playing the piano.

Q. Can we schedule lessons every other week, because my son is with his Dad every other week?

A. If you would consider purchasing a keyboard, your child will not only be able to take lessons every week, he will be able to practice every day. We recommend Yamaha or Casio 61-key keyboards. Here are two that are both $129.  

1. Guitar Center Yamaha PSR-E273.  

2. Amazon YAMAHA YPT260 61-Key Portable Keyboard With Power Adapter (Amazon-Exclusive).

Sometimes you can find them on Craigslist. If you are anywhere near San Diego, we might be able to provide a used one, if you could pick it up. Email for details


Q. How much are the lessons?
A.  Lessons are $45 for a half hour. This includes all teaching materials and sheet music, and each lesson is followed-up with a recap, a practice schedule, and a weekly assignment. In other words, students choose the songs they want to learn and Mr. Cody prepares "kid-friendly" arrangements of each student's songs, tailored to their ability.
  • Classes have a different rate depending on how many students are enrolled.
    Please call us at 619-861-7548 if you would like more information on classes with a group of students.
  • We also have an accelerated music program (one-hour lessons for 12 weeks) that Mr. Cody has taught in the past with great success. It is available upon request.


Q. My child is 4 - is that too young?

A. Everyone is different. Can your child can focus and follow directions? Will she or he hold up the correct hand when asked "Do you know which is your right hand?" Being able to tie their shoe is an indicator that they have the manual dexterity required to play the piano. Also, electric keyboards are easier to play than pianos, and all pianos are different. Some piano's keys take more strength to press than others - larger pianos have stiffer keys than small ones. Electric pianos and high end electric keyboards have what are called "weighted keys" which are designed to be just like acoustic pianos. This is also a factor in regard to age.

Supervision helps as well. We use sheet music and resources that are intuitive, aka "kid friendly.


Q. I'm afraid my child won't practice. Can you help?

A. After every lesson, we email to the parents a recap and a practice schedule plus a weekly assignment so what and how to practice isn't left up to the student's memory.  Students choose the songs they want to learn. If they start out with 5 or 10 minutes a day, practicing isn't so much a chore as it is an enjoyable break from other activities.
We never impose mundane or arduous exercises on our students. Mr. Cody even knows how to make practicing scales fun.

A note for peace of mind about practicing.
While practicing is important, our primary focus in the beginning is developing a music interest in our students that will help make practicing more rewarding. It can take a little bit of patience, and any amount of pushing can work against us. Mr. Cody works with each student to create a practice schedule that works in their particular situation. With music education, it is important for students to have the freedom to progress at their own rate.


Q. What if someone is already using an online music program?

A. Mr. Cody would find out what the student has already learned so as not to be boring and redundant, and blend in his teaching method.

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Music is an art . . . something we humans experience as pleasure.

We strive to ensure the music lessons are a pleasurable experience that lead to a lifetime of enjoying and appreciating music.

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