Cody's Keyboard Club
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Cody's Keyboard Club is a dynamic introduction to playing and appreciating music.

Our program is excellent for beginners and a springboard for advanced students.
Everyone works on their own electric keyboard with headphones this allows students to work on music of their own choice and lets us provide one-on-one personalized instruction.
  • Students receive individualized lesson plans suited to their abilities and musical preferences
  • We monitor the students to ensure they understand the instruction and are practicing correctly
  • We evaluate when each one is ready to move onto the next level, and provide the next level of instruction as they hit their milestones
  • For parents who express an interest, we follow up with emails to assist practicing at home

Cody's Keyboard Club is an approved vendor for
Compass Charter /
Dehesa Charter / Summit Academy / Valiant Academy

Cody's Keyboard Club

Please call or email us if you are interested in bringing
Cody's Keyboard Club to your school.

Music is an art . . . something we humans experience as pleasure.

We strive to ensure the music lessons are a pleasurable experience that lead to a lifetime of enjoying and appreciating music.

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